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I created this site so I would have a project to begin learning the basics of web design. The idea to create a tab site, and more specifically a John Mayer tab site, came from my frustration with current "user submitted" tab sites. Often they are incomplete, hard to follow, or incorrect. This is especially true with John Mayer songs.

Noticing that I had been turning to YouTube quite a bit to see people play songs that I wanted to learn, I then thought: "I wish there was one place that included both video and tab example of how to play ALL of John Mayer's songs".

With all of this thinking, I had an idea for a site, and one I thought people would enjoy.
You need to know that is not perfect. I know that. I spent a lot of time getting close, but if you're enough of a John Mayer puritan you will find mistakes in what I have done. To those people I say, "chill...". For a free site I hope you find this a very useful place to get your JM learning started.
::Frequently Asked Questions & Comments::
1."When will "____" be posted?"
MT. Soon. And just so you know, I hope to get all of John Mayer's studio albums uploaded. Perhaps I'll get around to "TRY" as well. But please continue to let me know what you want to see uploaded, so I can better evaluate which song has a higher priority.

2."There is a mistake here. You suck at guitar."
MT. Thanks for the ad revenue, b****.

3."There is a mistake here, AND this is what it should be."
MT. Seriously, thank you. You are correct. You should see me implement the change shortly.

4."Tune the guitar!" or "Your strings are buzzy!"
MT. Ok, I admit, there are things I would like to change about many of my older videos. Unfortunately, because I would lose the YouTube view count, uploading a more flawless video is not an option at this point. The cause of most imperfections is my process for shooting the video. I put headphones on and play along with a song from start to finish. The problem is, it often involves many tries to capture a take that I deem acceptable. Because of that, my hand gets very tired (particularly in "Neon"...) and my passion for pitch accuracy wanes. I hope it does not inhibit you from using the site as a learning tool.
::This $ite Is Free!::
I've put a lot of work into this site. I don't mind not making any money because this has been, and still is, a fantastic learning project; however, I like earning revenue... Please check out the Singing Success links that I have posted on every song page. I've chosen Singing Success as my affiliate, because I own their products and genuinely enjoy them. I'm not a singer, but these programs have made me into one just a little bit more. I particularly love "Mastering Mix"; if you can afford it, you won't regret it.

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